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There is a serious learning and resource crisis in developing countries. They suffer an extremely large gap in educational attainment in terms of the 20th-century competencies (3R: reading, writing, arithmetic). This crisis is getting worse, as those countries increasingly need to educate children and youth in 21st-century competencies (6C: computational, critical and creative thinking, communication, collaboration, and character). The education systems of developing countries have insufficient financial and human resources to face this learning crisis.

Progracademy (PRG) is a project that promotes the development of 6C in underprivileged primary and secondary school children (K-12) of developing countries. PRG proposes a 100% online educational crowdsourcing solution, which allows to overcome the chronic insufficiency of resources faced by the public education systems in developing countries.

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Our crowdsourcing solution offers two innovations, one in educational technology and the other one in social collaboration. The innovation in educational technology consists of our extra-supported online courses for students (MaxiMOOCs of Computer Science), who work in teams during school hours -Lab PRG, and/or after-school hours -Club PRG. The innovation in social collaboration consists of an online platform that coordinates and empowers the support from online volunteers, teachers and parents.

PRG's double innovation allows a quadruple social impact in a cost-effective and scalable way: i) achieve the educational objectives of 6C of the students, ii) help build capacity in the schools' teachers and administrators to educate for the 21st century, iii) develop 21st-century competencies in the volunteers that support students; iv) develop sustainable and permanent mechanisms for the private sector and civil society to support the public education system.


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Press reports - Venezuela 2017

  • 100 children programmers get certified

  • UCAB trains in informatics to 100 Fe y Alegría children

  • UCAB certified 100 children as programmers

Press reports - Ecuador 2018/2019

About Us

Progracademy is an initiative of Asociación Progracademy, a nonprofit organization incorporated in Spain (2014) and Venezuela (2016), focused on providing innovative educational solutions for children and youth with special attention to those at risk of exclusion.


Asociación Progracademy aims to promote the development of 21st century skills, especially digital skills, in children and young people regardless of their social and economic situation.


Growth: We believe that every human being has a huge potential for growth in their cognitive and non-cognitive competencies. Thanks to the ample and growing scientific evidence in neuroplasticity, we believe that the development of those competencies depends on hard, sustained and well oriented work. This applies to children and adults, students and teachers, employees and customers, organizations and communities.

Equity: We believe that giving opportunities and resources to everyone, according to their needs, will allow individuals, groups, organizations, and countries to exploit their growth potential. We not only seek to ""give everyone shoes,"" but ""give them shoes of their size."" This leads to social peace and productivity at the macro level: in a world where economies are increasingly dependent on their populations' capacities, educational inequality leads more than ever before to violence and socio-economic deterioration. But also at the micro level: according to scientific evidence, human groups such as classrooms or companies are more productive when they are more equitable.

Challenge: We believe that "we do not rise to the level of our expectations, but we fall to the level of our training". For work to be conducive to growth, there must be a systematic exposure to challenges that take us out of our comfort zones, which consequently will be constantly expanding. Timely and high-quality feedback about the performance on these challenges is an integral and indispensable part of them..

Board of Directors



Javier is a consultant with extensive international experience in public administration, NGOs, and the industrial sector. Javier has worked as a consultant for McKinsey & Co. and Bain & Co. and has also been an executive of the multinational Cemex and Petróleos de Venezuela. On the educational side, Javier led Avanza, a program aimed at the academic reintegration of youth that did not finish their compulsory secondary education. Javier studied his undergraduate in Economics at UCAB, and his Masters of Economics at Yale and Public Administration at Harvard.



Edgar is a teacher with extensive experience that includes the rectory of the Jesús Obrero Institute (2011-2015). He is Professor at the Experimental Pedagogical University Liberator and Teacher - Researcher at the Center for Reflection and Educational Planning (CERPE). He coordinates the Technical Schools Commission of the Venezuelan Association of Catholic Education. His undergraduate studies were at the Central University of Venezuela (Education, major in Educational Technology) and post-graduate studies at the UCAB (Educational Research). Currently, he is doing a doctorate in Educational Sciences at the UNESR.



David is a young lawyer who has focused his professional experience in corporate counseling especially in corporate finance and capital markets, while actively participating in several projects of nonprofit organizations, including the project "Sponsoring Talent" from the Princess of Girona Foundation and the Legal Workshop for advising the Minimum Income Insertion Platform (RMI - Madrid). David studied law at the the Autonomous University of Madrid (where he was also student representative to the council bodies), and Master of Business Law at the same university.



José María is a Civil Engineer with extensive managerial and teaching experience. He has been president of Hidrocapital (1992-1997), Movilnet (2004-2007), CASETEL (2011-2013) and CONAPRI (2012-2014). He was also General Manager of Public Telecommunications in CANTV (1999-2004). In addition, he was Director of Hydraulic Resources Planning in the Ministry of the Environment (1981-1983), Consultant in the German technical corporation GTZ and Adviser of the Presidency in the Digitel Corporation. In the teaching area, José Maríhe has been teaching at the UCAB since 1977, is a visiting professor at IESA and Vice President of Development at UNIMET.



Raquel is a professional dedicated to non-profit organizations. She serves as the Director of The Fundraising Company, where her mission is to help NGOs grow by broadening their membership and donor bases, as well as enhancing their fundraising capabilities. She has also worked in the editorial world where he has performed various operational, commercial and managerial functions, working for 14 years for the Anglo-Dutch holding RELX (formerly Reed Elsevier). Raquel has a degree in Psychology from the Andrés Bello Catholic University in Caracas, Venezuela. She also graduated in International Business Studies from the Hanzehogeschool in Groningen, and M.B.A. by the Echelon Institute in Amsterdam.



Irama has developed her professional experience in strategic management and administration in the pharmaceutical, financial and industrial sectors. She has been the manager of Fixed Assets control of the Federal Bank; Strategic Planning Consultant in the Investment Fund of Venezuela (1999-2001); Foreign Trade Manager and Consultant at Pfizer Venezuela (1996-1998); Logistics Manager of Ciba-Geigy (1987-1996) and Corporate Planning Manager in Interalumina (1980-1986). Irama has studied higher administration in the IESA (1979).



Valeria has been a Consultant in Educational Information Technology at the IDB and in the Progracademy Association, Professor at UCAB, manager and developer of ICT projects for various industries such as biotechnology, library science, insurance, mass consumption, documentary management, banking, telecommunications, in countries such as Venezuela, Portugal, Spain, United States, Ecuador. Valeria is a Computer Engineer from the Universidad Simón Bolívar and MSC in Computer Science from the Universidad de Los Andes.



Germán is Progracademy Learning Operations Coordinator. He has been a consultant for popular entrepreneurship projects for Trabajo y Persona. Director of the business acceleration and social entrepreneurship of the UCAB Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center. IESA Entrepreneurship Mentor. Director of Deployment of new IT Web 2.0 initiatives at ACCEDE. Co-Founder and Vice President of Koolsite de Venezuela Technology Park of Mérida. Germán studied Business Administration

Advisory Board


Experience in commercial management and organizational development in Fortune 500 companies in Latin America, Europe, and Asia. He has been a professor at the post-graduate level of administration of educational institutions of the Universidad de la Sabana (Bogotá) and an innovative entrepreneur in the area of education 0-6 years (Madrid). Undergraduate studies at UCAB, Andrés Bello Catholic University, Caracas (economics), and post-graduate studies at Columbia University, New York (business administration and educational administration).


Experience in commercial management and international business development at Cargill and Limited Brands. She has collaborated for many years on multiple projects of the Empresas Polar Foundation. Studies at the Metropolitan University of Caracas (Business Administration) and post-graduate studies at the Columbia University of New York (business administration and educational administration).


An economist at AndrÉs Bello Catholic University, Caracas. Master in Business Engineering, Simón Bolívar University, Caracas. His specializations include: Analysis of Industries, School of Industrial Organization (Madrid, 1994); Industrial Economics, National Autonomous University of Mexico (1995); Management of Marketing Communications and Consumer Behavior, Manchester Business School (Manchester, England, 2000); and International Trade and Special Zones, Ministry of Commerce of Taiwan. He is currently a professor of Analysis of Political Environment at IESA and of Industrial Economics at UCAB. Since 1994 he has been Chairman of Datanalisis and Managing Partner of Tendencias Digitales. He was President of CAVEDIV (Caracas). He is an international lecturer for several companies and institutions. He is a board member of the following organizations: Corporación Grupo Químico, Gold's Gym; Digital Trends and Member of the Foundational Council of the Andrés Bello Catholic University.


Architect and Civil Engineer with a Master in Business Administration from the School of Business Management (ESADE, Madrid). Co-founder of Industrias Corpañal C.A. and president of its Board of Directors. In 2009 he assumed the chairmanship of the committee of the Social Alliance, the corporate social responsibility body of the Venezuelan-American Chamber of Commerce and Industry - VenAmCham. President of VenAmCham for the period 2017-2018.

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